Preparedness is a continuous cycle that involves planning, organizing/equipping, training, and exercises. Take action now and find out how we can address all of your preparedness needs.


Planning is one of the most important steps your organization can take to increase preparedness. RZHQ is ready to work with you to rapidly develop effective plans and procedures.

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Organizations have a responsibility to ensure their personnel are properly trained for the jobs they perform and that a comprehensive training program validates that training. RZHQ can help you evaluate your organization’s readiness needs and identify effective strategies and tactics to solve disaster problems in the training environment. We can develop comprehensive training and training programs to ensure your employees are ready.

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Effective exercise programs include both internal and external stakeholders and incorporate lessons learned and best practices identified in AARs from recent operations and exercises. RZHQ can help your organization design, develop, conduct, and evaluate discussion based and operational exercises.

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