Overview of Representative Projects

2018 Hawaii State Emergency Support Function (SESF) #12 (Energy) Operations Guide

State Emergency Support Function (SESF #12) (Energy) Operations Guide

This project involved developing the Hawaii State Energy Office (HSEO) Operations Guide to improve the Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism’s (DBEDT) ability to support its energy assurance mission.

The Operations Guide provides practical operational guidance for staff to increase the DBEDT’s readiness to respond to High Impact, Low-Frequency events that could result in an energy supply disruption as a result of a declared energy shortage or a catastrophic incident. The Operations Guide includes incident-phase related roles, responsibilities, checklists and job aids.





2018 Hawaii Gas Incident Command System (ICS) Training and Hazmat Tabletop Exercise (TTX)

Hawaii Gas

This project involved completing a review of Hawaii Gas Hazmat related response plans, policies, and procedures. ReadyZoneHQ conducted ICS training and a two-hour Hazmat tabletop exercise for the Hawaii Gas statewide leadership team to include the CEO.

ReadyZoneHQ designed the TTX to provide participants with an overview of the current Hawaii Gas Emergency Response Plan, exercise and evaluate how Hawaii Gas maintains incident situational awareness, and assess the interface between the incident command and the emergency operations center. A total of 35 staff participated in the TTX either in person or via webinar.

2018 Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) – Hawaii Temporary Emergency Power Strike Team Annex

Hawaii Temporary Power Strike Team – Energy Task Force Annex

ReadyZoneHQ assisted the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency with the development of the Hawaii Temporary Emergency Power Strike Team (HTP-ST) Annex. This planning effort involved identifying roles, responsibilities, capabilities, and limitations of agencies to support response to a catastrophic disaster impacting critical infrastructure.

The annex specifically focused on the development of the processes and procedures needed to identify affected facilities, monitor their status, prioritize emergency power requirements, and coordinate state and local temporary power requirements and distribution in a resource-constrained environment.





2018 Kapolei Local Emergency Action Network (KLEAN) Catastrophic Table Top Exercise (TTX) 


This project involved completing a review of background information for response plans, procedures and policies focused on the response to a Catastrophic Incident in the Kapolei area including a Hazmat incident. ReadyZoneHQ conducted a TTX for local, state, federal, the private sector and non-governmental organizations.

This TTX was designed to allow players to assess policies and procedures as they pertain to the KLEAN organizations.  Specifically, the exercise allowed players to test the following core capabilities:

  • Capability: Planning
  • Capability: Situational Awareness
  • Capability: Operational Coordination


2018 Stop Flu at School (SFAS) Workshop

2017-2018 Stop Flu At School (SFAS) After Action Report/Improvement Plan

This workshop brought county, state, and federal stakeholders together and focused on identifying and analyzing the strengths and areas for improvement of the of the 2017-2018 SFAS program. The SFAS program serves to reduce influenza transmission in communities by vaccinating school children throughout the state of Hawaii.

The participants, representing both educational and medical agencies, assessed the program results against the stated program objectives and aligned them with the following Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Capabilities:

  • Community Preparedness
  • Emergency Operations Coordination
  • Emergency Public Information and Warning
  • Medical Countermeasure Dispensing
  • Medical Materiel Management and Distribution
  • Volunteer Management

“Facilitation was done very well! The format worked well!”

2018 Par Hawaii Emergency Response Plan Table Top Exercise (TTX)

Par Hawaii Refining

This project involved completing a review of background information, response plans, procedures, and policies for Par Hawaii focused on their response to an Oil Fire/Spill Incident at their main refinery.

The exercise centered on Par Hawaii’s operations center staff and consisted of 15 participants focused on the following core capabilities:

  • Situational Assessment
  • Operational Coordination

“Great job using external resources to put this TTX together!”

“Great facilitation with an experienced facilitator”

2017 Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Makani Pahili 2017 Emergency Power Table Top Exercise (TTX)

Makani Pahili 2017 Generator Table Top Exercise (TTX)

In February 2017, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) conducted a series of workshops in preparation for Makani Pahili (MP) 2017 to continue its’ ongoing efforts to address temporary emergency power planning requirements as required by the 2015 Hawaii Catastrophic Hurricane Plan.

Workshop participants validated lists of critical facilities in each county, identified missing data, and then used a structured process and a newly developed Facility Prioritization Tool to prioritize critical facilities that could require temporary emergency power.  The Facility Prioritization Tool (FPT) provided the ability for the first time to rapidly prioritize which facilities should receive generators in each county based on the criteria selected by decision makers.

This effort culminated with the emergency power Table Top Exercise (TTX) on July 13, 2017, which had over 60 representatives from 40 County, State, Federal, non-governmental organizations and the Private Sector.  The TTX reinforced the importance of the state having a comprehensive list of critical facilities throughout the state.

“Outstanding facilitator. Nice Work!”

“The facilitator did an excellent job bringing out the impacts at the state level. He challenged the group to understand gaps and the information needed to facilitate senior leader discussions.”

2017 Hawaii Visitor Coordination Annex

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Visitor Coordination Annex

The Hawaii Visitor Coordination Annex (VCA) is an all-hazards – joint plan, developed by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) with county emergency management agencies and visitor industry stakeholders. The Annex is an acknowledgment that the care of visitors during emergencies and disasters deserves special planning consideration, given the substantial size of the visitor population and the importance of the industry to the state’s economic health.

The VCA establishes the organizational structure, roles, responsibilities, and procedures that the government and the visitor industry use to coordinate emergency support to the visitor population and relay information and needs throughout all incident phases.



2017 Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) Business Resource Center Annexes

Business Recovery Coordination Support Annex

Business Recovery Coordination Support Annex

ReadyZoneHQ developed the Business Resource Center (BRC) Annex to assist the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) with the challenge of connecting public and private entities across industries and sectors to develop and enhance industry and sector resilience in Hawaii after a catastrophic event.

The BRC Annex addresses the HI-EMA Business Resource Center’s role in supporting the recovery of the private sector following a disaster. The annex identifies key business programs and services that may be available to support business recovery and to establish how the county, state, federal and non‐profit agencies administering these programs coordinate to help business owners navigate and access these resources.

The annex reflects the BRC mission, which is to serve as a physical and virtual space where government and the private sector collaborate to share resources and information before, during and after a disaster.

2017 Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Computer Based Training Course

State Emergency Response Team (SERT) Orientation Course

ReadyzoneHQ assisted the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) to develop a required 2.5-hour, professionally narrated, computer-based orientation course for the State Emergency Response Team, which includes, HI-EMA staff, Emergency Management Officers and Emergency Support Function representatives.  The course was created to meet state department emergency management training requirements and included the following topics:

  • An introduction to emergency management
  • Hawaii’s hazards and vulnerabilities
  • Emergency management basics
  • Emergency management roles and responsibilities
  • State Emergency Response Team activation

Each course contained the following:

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Lesson Content
  • Lesson Summary
  • Knowledge Check

2017 Hawaii Department of Health Strategic National Stockpile Functional Exercise (FE)

Strategic National Stockpile Functional Exercise

The goal of the Strategic National Stockpile Functional Exercise 2017 (SNS FE 2017), conducted on June 14, 2017, was to ensure the HDOH Department Operations Center (DOC) had the capability to effectively and efficiently coordinate an SNS response in accordance with relevant plans and procedures.

SNS FE 2017 was designed to specifically assess the following Public Health Preparedness Capabilities:

  • (Capability 3) Emergency Operations Coordination;
  • (Capability 6) Information Sharing; and
  • (Capability 9) Medical Materiel Management and Distribution.