HDOH Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Full Scale Exercise (FSE)(2019-2020)


RZHQ designed, developed, conducted, and evaluated a statewide Strategic National Stockpile Full-Scale Exercise (SNS FSE ) for the Hawaii Department of Health. The goal of the exercise was to ensure that HDOH could effectively deliver medical countermeasures (MCM) to each Neighbor Island. The exercise was conducted over a four-day period to test Security; Reception, Staging and Storing (RSS) warehouse operations; and Delivery operations on Oahu and neighbor islands. More than 200 participants from over two dozen organizations took part in the exercise. RZHQ provided a detailed After Action Report/Improvement Plan (AAR/IP) and conducted an After Action Meeting (AAM) with stakeholders to review issues identified during the exercise.

  • “RZHQ was an enormous help/asset to DOH for this exercise.”
  • “After the exercise, I clearly understood the agency’s role in the incident.”
  • “I thought the drill was well planned out with a great team effort.”