Operational Assessment Support for COVID-19 Response


Improving the preparedness of organizations to respond to disasters requires a systematic approach that involves planning, organization, equipment, training and exercises.

While many organizations realize the critical importance of formally evaluating their preparedness efforts, traditionally After Action Reports (AARs) have taken place after the immediate response phase to the incident is over.

Unfortunately, there is currently no end in sight for the current crisis we are facing with COVID-19. And, as time goes by key lessons learned and best practices that could dramatically improve future COVID-19 and other response efforts may be lost if they are not documented now in an Operational Assessment Report.

We have extensive experience with completing After Action Reports and Operational Assessments for both exercises and real-world responses including COVID-19, and frequently receive client feedback such as the following: “one of the most complete, well-written after-action reports I have encountered…Your department contracted to have the company prep, conduct the exercise and the after-action report…money was very well-spent.”

We are here to help if you are ready to take the next step in improving your preparedness efforts.  Please contact us for more information.