Hurricane Planning During COVID-19


To assist emergency managers in responding to incidents during the 2020 hurricane season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, FEMA released the COVID-19 Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season in May to accomplish the following:

  1. Describe Challenges and Planning Considerations
  2. Highlight How FEMA is Adapting Operations
  3. Clarify Expectations
  4. Provide Guidance, Checklists and Resources

We’ve posted an article that describes some of the planning considerations that organizations should address in their response and recovery efforts.  For example, community shelters will need to operate at a much lower level of capacity than in the past to incorporate social distancing safety guidelines recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, communities may need to train new shelter volunteers who are not from vulnerable populations.  Addressing these recommendations will help organizations to prepare for a variety disasters.