Hawaii Senior Leader Catastrophic Hurricane Plans/Annex Tabletop Exercise (Fall 2015)


The purpose of the 2015 Senior Leader Hawaii Senior Leader Catastrophic Hurricane Plan/Annex Tabletop Exercise was to test disaster preparedness through validation of the 2015 Hawaii Catastrophic Hurricane Scenario Plan/Annex. The exercise was also designed to raise awareness of Federal, State, Local, Private Sector, and Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) capabilities, roles, and responsibilities to support the response to a hurricane impacting Hawaii. Participants included senior-level leaders to include the Hawaii State Governor and Lieutenant Governor as well as other senior representatives from the local, state, and federal levels. The exercise successfully focused on the Operational Coordination and Situation Assessment capabilities.

  • “The exercise was well-paced and designed to maximize participation.”
  • “Superb TTX – Best TTX I have ever attended.”
  • “Just like in May, I really appreciated planner’s attention to detail, setting the inclusive tone, making sure participants had access to the mike, and easy‐to‐read table tents.”
  • “Facilitator did a good job engaging multiple agencies and keeping conversation focused and at a good pace.”
  • “Good job with focusing the discussion and attempting to be as inclusive as possible to have multiple viewpoints shared.”