Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Makani Pahili 2017 Emergency Power Tabletop Exercise (TTX) (2017)


In February 2017, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) conducted a series of workshops in preparation for Makani Pahili (MP) 2017 to continue its ongoing efforts to address emergency preparation and temporary emergency power planning requirements as required by the 2015 Hawaii Catastrophic Hurricane Plan.

Workshop participants validated lists of critical facilities in each county, identified missing data, and then used a structured process and a newly developed Facility Prioritization Tool to prioritize critical facilities that could require temporary emergency power. The Facility Prioritization Tool (FPT) provided the ability for the first time to rapidly prioritize which facilities should receive generators in each county based on the criteria selected by decision-makers. This effort culminated with the emergency power Tabletop Exercise (TTX) on July 13, 2017, which had over 60 representatives from 40 County, State, Federal, non-governmental organizations, and the Private Sector. The TTX reinforced the importance of the state having a comprehensive list of critical facilities throughout the state.

  • “Outstanding facilitator. Nice Work!”
  • “The facilitator did an excellent job bringing out the impacts at the state level. He challenged the group to understand gaps and the information needed to facilitate senior leader discussions.”