Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA) Business Resource Center Annexes (2017)


RZHQ developed the Business Resource Center (BRC) Annex to assist the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) with the challenge of connecting public and private entities across industries and sectors to develop and enhance industry and sector resilience in Hawaii after a catastrophic event. RZHQ designed, developed and conducted workshops with stakeholders to develop the BRC Annex.

The BRC Annex addresses the HI-EMA Business Resource Center’s role in supporting the recovery of the private sector following a disaster. The annex identifies key business programs and services that may be available to support business recovery and to establish how the county, state, federal and non‐profit agencies administering these programs coordinate to help business owners navigate and access these resources.

The annex reflects the BRC mission, which is to serve as a physical and virtual space where the government and the private sector collaborate to share resources and information before, during, and after a disaster.