Hawaii Department of Health Strategic National Stockpile Functional Exercise (FE) (2017)


The goal of the Strategic National Stockpile Functional Exercise 2017 (SNS FE 2017), conducted on June 14, 2017, was to ensure the HDOH Department Operations Center (DOC) had the capability to effectively and efficiently coordinate an SNS response in accordance with relevant plans and procedures. SNS FE 2017 was designed to specifically assess emergency preparedness planning and the following Public Health Preparedness Capabilities:

  • (Capability 3) Emergency Operations Coordination
  • (Capability 6) Information Sharing
  • (Capability 9) Medical Materiel Management and Distribution
  • “Facilitators were very knowledgeable and familiar with proper DOC procedures.”
  • “This exercise created an excellent learning environment.”
  • “Great job RZHQ.”