Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) Dengue Outbreak After Action Review (AAR)/Improvement Plan (2016)


The focus of this AAR/IP was to collect and analyze DOH’s real-world efforts related to a Dengue Fever outbreak. The report identified strengths, areas for improvement, recommendations, and provided an improvement plan.

ReadyZoneHQ conducted a survey of HDOH staff that participated in the Dengue response and facilitated a comprehensive workshop to gather feedback on best practices and lessons learned to guide the response to future outbreaks.

“Thank you for holding this, it was very helpful”
“Good use of multimedia. Helpful slides”
“This AAR was 10x more effective than past AARs”
“I liked how people from each of the different subject areas gave a brief report on their response activities.”
“Good facilitation, kept us on track. I was impressed that he was able to keep us to the scheduled time.”