American Samoa Department of Homeland Security Hurricane Full-Scale Exercise (FSE)(2016)


Matagi ma Savili 2016 was a full-scale, free play exercise conducted over two days in support of the American Samoa Department of Homeland Security (ASDHS) – Territorial Emergency Management Coordinating Office (TEMCO). The primary goal of the exercise was to ensure that the ASDHS possessed the capabilities to effectively and efficiently coordinate Hurricane preparation and response capabilities in accordance with relevant plans/procedures.

The exercise consisted of over 370 local, territorial, federal, non-governmental, and private sector organizations from 45 organizations to include an Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) from FEMA Region IX, as well as the PACOM Defense Coordinating Officer/Element (DCO/DCE). The exercise focused on preparing for a hurricane as well as pre- and post-landfall operations and activities such as:

  • Multi-agency coordination,
  • Public messaging,
  • Inter-island communications,
  • Shelter Plan development,
  • Shelter staff operations (management, logistics, communications, etc.),
  • Just-in-Time Training for Shelter staff,
  • Provision of mass care services to affected populations at two shelter locations,
  • Damage assessment and reporting operations,
  • Resource procurement/distribution, and
  • Restoration of critical infrastructure.

“This was one of the best exercises I’ve seen in nine years.” ~FEMA IMAT Team member